The STA System® is a computer assisted system for local anesthesia. The instrument carefully guides dental professionals as they perform injections. Patients benefit from our technology with less discomfort and will not have collateral numbness.

The Wand STA for all your Injections and more.

Our Happy Clients!

" The Best investment in my surgery, we have been using The Wand for the past 16 years "
Dr. Gys De Necker
Best purchase I have made in a long time. Had to use it on my dad a few days ago and he didn't even realize that he got an injection!! Really takes the stress giving L/A!! I have also made the first installment for you as well
Dr Steve Swanepoel
" I love my Wand STA. Our Patients comfort always comes first. "

Dr. David Herr
The STA has changed the way I practice dentistry. No more HOT teeth and no more jumpy patients when I peform rooot canal treatments. Make the number one enemy your best asset.
Dr. Heinrich Dippenaar
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