Silmet – ProFil™

Universal Dental Restorative Material – Advanced Nano Technology

Universal Dental Restorative Material – Advanced Nano Technology

ProFil™, is a new micro hybrid composite material for use in both anterior and posterior restorations.
ProFil™ composite resin is the perfect combination of simplicity and exceptional esthetics.


• High polishability
• Non sticky formula
• Optimal balance of physical properties
• Light cured, radiopaque & color stable
• Low polymerization shrinkage
• Fast placement technique, easy to apply & sculpt
• High strength & wear resistance
• Available in 14 shades

184A01 PROFIL 4g A1
184A02 PROFIL 4g A2
184A03 PROFIL 4g A3
184A04 PROFIL 4g A4
184A35 PROFIL 4g A3.5

Physical Properties
ProFil™, a micro hybrid composite has outstanding physical properties that provide excellent wear resistance.

Sensitivity to ambient light Above 100 sec.
Weight of total inorganic filler 78%
Volume of total inorganic filler 59%
Depth of cure > 1.5 mm
Compressive strength > 230 MPa
Flexural Strength > 120MPa
Water Absorption < 40 µg / Щ
Solubility < 7.5 µg / Щ

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